Eastside Women's Specialists

Eastside Women's Specialists Services
At Eastside Women's Specialists, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.

Gynecological Care
General Gynecologic care
     -Routine and yearly examinations
     -Adolescent gynecology and counseling
     -Contraception counseling
     -Pap Smears and cervical cancer screening
     -Breast and ovarian cancer screening
     -Osteoporosis screening, prevention, diagnosis and treatment
     -Colorectal cancer screening
Urinary incontinence evaluation and treatment
PMS management
Uterine endometrial ablation
Gynecological surgery
     -Ovarian pathology
Infertility evaluation, testing and limited treatment
Menopause screening, counseling and management 
Contraception Procedures
     -IUD insertion and removal
     -Nexplanon insertion and removal
     -Laparoscopic bilateral tubal ligation
STD screening

Obstetrical Care
     -Prenatal care and delivery

Robotic GYN Surgery​
Minimally invasive surgery
     -Laparoscopic surgeries
     -da Vinci hysterectomy

     -Diagnostic ultrasound
     -Advanced 4-D ultrasonography